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    wkt geometry in cvs file

    michele spinella Newbie

      Hi all,

         I have a csv file in this format:



      POINT(18.167615 40.353684);18.167615;40.353684;IN.NUMERICIVICI.2012.5091276

      POINT(18.160047 40.350344);18.160047;40.350344;IN.NUMERICIVICI.2012.5091295


      (this is only a small set)

      When I have created the viewmodel I set type geometry for field "WKT", then I have deployed the vdb but when I query the "WKT" field, there is this error:


      java.sql.SQLException: org.teiid.runtime.client.TeiidClientException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Remote org.teiid.core.TeiidProcessingException: TEIID30176 Could not convert value for column "WKT" in the row ending on text line 1


      The wkt format is correct I have to something particular? I am using teiid 9.3.7, designer 11, eclipse neon, jdk 1.8


      Thank in advance

      Michele Spinella