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    Teiid with Hive - Entire table able to view, but not with where clause.


      Hi Teiid Team,


      We are having a situation where,


           1. Where I have created a source from Hive database.

           2. Created a view from the source of Hive database.

           3. Created a VDB for the view.

           4. If query the VDB in Squirrel Client I able to view the data.

           5. But If I view the data with 'WHERE' clause I am getting into error.


      Error: TEIID30504 Remote org.teiid.core.TeiidProcessingException: TEIID30504 AWS_TEIID_HIVE_DEMO_GEPIC_SOURCE: 1 TEIID11008:TEIID11004 Error executing statement(s): [Prepared Values: [] SQL: SELECT g_0.`r_object_id` AS c_0, g_0.`i_position` AS c_1, g_0.`users_names` AS c_2, g_0.`groups_names` AS c_3, g_0.`i_all_users_names` AS c_4, g_0.`i_supergroups_names` AS c_5, g_0.`i_nondyn_supergroups_names` AS c_6, g_0.`src_record_date` AS c_7, g_0.`process_id` AS c_8, g_0.`partdate` AS c_9 FROM `gepic_raw_dm_group_r` g_0 WHERE g_0.`r_object_id` = '12009c4a8000050b' LIMIT 100]

      SQLState:  50000

      ErrorCode: 30504


      I am getting the above error if I execute the query with where clause.


      Please provide suggestions how to make it work.