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    Wildfly Scheduling

    Richard Moore Master

      I am being asked if we run under wildfly, instead of stand-alone, can it monitor resources and throttle runs so that we do not run out of memory? We have a process that splits a large file for us to process in Jberet that creates 1,000+ files and our scheduler triggers off a job for every file and things, as you can imagine, crashes due to out of memory on the server. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Cheng Fang Master

          I think a clustered WildFly should help, as it can load-balance your jobs (thousands of jobs triggered by your split process).  The load balancer should be intelligent enough to route your job (each batch as a incoming request) to the node that is capable of handling that job.  Since we want to use the LB for intelligent work load distribution, you may want to place the split process as an external one outside the cluster to make sure jobs all go through the LB.


          Check with WildFly forum WildFly