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    JBeret Github Repository Reorganization

    Cheng Fang Master

      Over the past few years, we've been actively developing project JBeret under a single github repository: GitHub - jberet/jsr352: Implementation of JSR 352 .  As we keep implementing new features and adding additional capabilities, it's becoming a bit unweildy to house all sub-modules under this unified repository structure.  Therefore, we're currently moving certain JBeret sub-modules out of the main JBeret repository and into their own github repository.  Of course, all repositories, whether existing one and new ones, will still be under project JBeret.  This change is planned for JBeret master branch (currently 1.4.0.Alpha-snapshot).


      We believe this reorganization will make various JBeret-related modules more modular and more self-contained.  Project contributors will find it easier to manage the modules they will be working on with much quicker build time.  Each module will be able to evolve according to their own roadmap and release with its own cadence, instead of the single JBeret release train.


      For more details, see [JBERET-382] Split the current single repo into several separate modules - JBoss Issue Tracker .  During this process, your ideas and feedback are welcome and much appreciated.