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    Deploy Elastic Search through Rest URL on Teiid Designer VDB on Wildfly server


      Hello All,


      We are trying to deploy elastic search vdb through Rest url. Below are the steps we followed.


      1. We imported Elastic Search index through Import>Webservice Source>Source and ViewModel(Rest).

      2. A Procedure has been created and we changed the procedure properties to Rest procedure. (When we import index from elastic search through Rest it is importing as Procedure unlike other sources which imports as table).

      3. Created a Teiid VDB and added the ViewModel to the VDB and Deployed the VDB successfully.

      4. Tried creating the war file and received an warning asking to use JDK 6 or above. We are currently using JDK 8 and we still see the same warning.


      We ignored the warning, generated the war file, added to the deployments folder but the war file failed to deploy. Below is the error.


      "Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.teiid.rest.services.TeiidRestApplication from [Module "deployment.vdbtest_rest.war:main" from Service Module Loader]".


      I checked the war file and i see the TeiidRestApplication under the classes directory.


      At this point we are assuming JDK might be the issue but however we have given JDK 8 path in Teiid Designer and user variables under control panel.  Any help will be very much appreciated.