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    Odata v2 not showing all records


      Currently I have the following predicament. I have a view that is comprised of multiple other views (10 to be exact). These are joined using a left outer join. The datasource is an oracle database.


      Whenever I connect  to the VDB using JDBC or ODBC I get to view all records that the view should have. The same goes for Odata version 4.

      However, when I connect using Odata version 2 I only get about 36 results (there should be at least 512 since that is the row limit, and after that at least 16k more).


      The solution would be simple if PowerBI (the tool we mostly use for reading Odata) and other services correctly supported Odata 4. Unfortunalely that isn't the case.


      I managed to find out which table is the offender, even just joining without selecting any colums from that table makes odata v2 only show 36 records. I'm currently at a loss on how to proceed with this. Logging show no errors.

      I'm almost certain it is a bug in de the odata v2 war.


      Any thoughts on how to proceed?


      If any information is necessary about what query I use, just ask. The query is rather simple if I only include 2 of the tables I want to join. Even then the problem occurs; the field on which I join is a simple string.

      System information:

      DV Instance: Jboss DV 6.3.8 without any extra EAP patches (only the ones provided with DV itself).

      Java: OpenJDK 1.8.0_151

      Oracle driver: ojdbc6.jar