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    Support for "Numeric" datatype of BigQuery in Teiid

    Manoj Majumdar Newbie



      I am trying to make a connection to BigQuery using Teiid, and turns out if we have a column with datatype as "Numeric" (which is a latest datatype introduced in BigQuery), Teiid throws a QueryParserException.

      Parsing Exception thrown by Teiid

      I looked into the supported datatypes in Teiid and numeric is not mentioned there. So is there a way out for this?. The version of Teiid I am using is Teiid 9.1.3

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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          What is DDL look like in your VDB for representing the Numeric column? Here are all the supported data types in Teiid [1]. When connected to the source systems like BigQuery, the native types of the source system are mapped to one of the types in the Teiid. Typically that done during the import of metadata of your source (BigQuery), which will become part of your VDB. Teiid does not have builtin translator for BigQuery, so you must have used alternative methods to define the VDB, and usage of the translator.



          [1] Supported Types · GitBook