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    Incoming OData connetion doesn't work


      I have a running VDB which I can successfully query though Teiid's  JDBC connection.


      I was expecting to be able to query it with OData/REST, as per this article:


      OData Support - Teiid 9.0 (draft) - Project Documentation Editor


      Instead I simply get a 404. Could it be that OData support is not isntalled on my WildFly?


      Article suggests that the following .WAR archive should be present:


      <jboss-as>/modules/org/jboss/teiid/deployments/odata-9.0.0.Final.war, and on my system it's not there.


      Please recommend how to enable it.


      I am using  Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform - Version 7.2.0.GA