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    Add data role


      Hi Team,


      I am programatically adding a data role via CLI.

      I am using below CLI syntax...


      /subsystem=teiid:add-data-role(vdb-name=AdminAPITestVDB, vdb-version=1,

      data-role=TestDataRole, mapped-role=test)


      But the syntax do not got permission details.

      I am trying to give read only right to all the virtual views in VDB.

      Please provide how to achive through CLI.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Mahavir Dhanadevan

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          You can only change the mapped role using the CLI not add a extra data permission to the VDB, that must be done in the VDB definition.


          So, add a data permission in your VDB that restricts the insert/update/delete and only give permission to specific users with some role. The use "mapped-role" concept to map that role to user's group from yur enterprise LDAP or whatever the authentication mechanism you are using.