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    issues trying to deploy to tomcat 8.5+


      Hi guys;

      I am having some issues integrating tomcat 8.5 or 9 with weld and my existing app.  I have downloaded the uber jar  'weld-servlet-shaded-3.1.3.Final' and dropped it in my web-inf/lib application directory.

      I have also dropped an empty default beans.xml in my web-inf and web-inf/classes (both places for good messaures )

      My app, which is an old app, with JSF 1.1, is running smoothly on tomcat 8.5 and 9 without the 2 stepps I have described. once I execute these steps it fails with the following:

      "2019-12-04 08:19:21,274 [main] ERROR Digester - Parse Error at line 5 column 128: Document root element "faces-config", must match DOCTYPE root "null"."

      the app will fails to deploy as a result.

      can someone please point me in the right direction?


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          The error doesn't look like one coming from Weld. As far as I can tell, we do not try to parse faces-config at all.


          However, first thing coming to mind is that you use old app with very ancient JSF version, yet you are trying to run that on newer Tomcat and latest CDI version (Weld 3.x implements CDI 2.0 which is Java EE 8).

          It might be worth a shot trying to nail down what actual version of various EE APIs are being used. Also, Weld 3 has some integration with JSF that I am not sure was even there when JSF 1.1 was a thing; while this isn't what's causing you any troubles at the moment, it could in the future. I'd first look into aligning the versions you are using.