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Andrew Oliver

Tapestry on JBoss

Posted by Andrew Oliver Oct 30, 2005


Back at Apache's Jakarta project some time ago, I was involved in a bit of a row over how to accept a project and its very motivated leader, Howard Lewis Ship. Howard is a cool guy with two last names. His project, Tapestry is a great alternative to JSPs and (more or less) JSP-based frameworks like struts. Recently, Tapestry has started moving from XML to annotations and has even posted about some ready to run examples distributed with JBoss 4.0.2. You can find the examples here and their instructions here.


Howard Lewis Ship


...I go a ways back with JBoss, so it was easy for me to build and package, and is a good use of my very scarce time.


Me to. Here are blogs and the like which have covered the event. If you know of one that I missed, please comment below.


Note that I'm not interested in your day 0, "Gee I'm at the airport waiting to catch a plane for JBoss World, gosh I sure do love potato chips.", posts.