I'm pleased to announce the release of JBoss AOP 1.0 RC2. We're getting closer to our 1.0 release next month. Kabir Khan joined the team fulltime September 1st and has done an amazing job helping out. We put a lot of effort into documentation this release and have written a reference guide in docbook. Also, a number of things have been added to the framework. We've added an annotation model so that you can use that instead of XML. We've also added Java-Bean style configuration for aspects and the ability to plug in any IOC framework you wish.

Here's full RELEASE NOTES:


JBossAOP 1.0 RC2


* Added DTD finally and DTD parsing

* <annotation> tag has been renamed to <metadata> as we're not defining an annotaton, but rather metadata.

* <annotation-loader> tag has been enamed to metadata-loader

* Added integration with JDK 5.0 java.lang.instrument.  Very clean classloader integration now.  

No need for SystemClassLoader plugin for JDK 5.0.

* <aspect> can take a factory now

* <aspect> class can no longer be XmlLoadable

* <interceptor> can take a scope now <interceptor scope="PER_INSTANCE"/>

* InterceptorFactory should only be used if you are inserting them directoy within AdviceBinding.  

AspectFactory should be used now for all InterceptorFactory's as <interceptor> now supports SCOPE.

* <mixin>'s can now be declared as non-transient fields by doing:  <mixin transient="false";gt;.  This allows mixins to be serialized.

* If you don't specify a factory, you can configure your aspects/interceptors as

 java beans.  See the beanstyleconfig tutorial item.

* Added annotation replacement for XML.  @Aspect, @Bind, @PointcutDef, etc...  See tutorial/docs for more info.

* Created full complete reference manual available in PDF and HTML.

* Fixed debugger bug.  AOPC was overwriting debugger information

Have fun,