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Pop and the Red Sox

Posted by bill.burke Oct 28, 2004
This is an example of what the Red Sox winning the world series means to its fans. This is a blast email from my cousin Angela to the 14 sons and daughters of my late grandfather, Harold "Pop" Burke, to his 40 some-odd grandchildren, and 20 something great-grandchildren. It brought tears to my eyes.

Greetings from Boston, former city of underdogs!


I just think it's so crazy that Pop was 86 when he died and it took 86 years 

for the Red Sox to win another world series . . . 

that my Dad, Tyler, and I went to a Sox game this year and 

that Tyler took dirt from the hallowed grounds of Fenway Park to sprinkle on Pop's grave . . .


I couldn't help but remember him sitting on the porch listening to Jerry Remy

announce a game, or rooting for the Sox in his old recliner, with the volume turned way, way up . . .


I couldn't help but smile when the town was going crazy last night.  I hope that

all the yells and cheers, however obscene and drunken, were making it up to his

deaf ol' ears!





JBoss AOP 1.0.0 Final production release is now ready for download. Much thanks goes out to Kabir Khan and Marshall Culpepper for their hard work. They put a lot of their free time into JBoss AOP before we hired them in September, and took on a tremendous load when we did. This final release would not have been possible without them.


Some key features of JBoss AOP are:

  • Eclipse IDE support. Check out our animated demo.
  • Rich pointcut expressions. has, hasfield, typedef, JDK 5.0 annotation support, and many others.
  • Dynamic AOP. Hot-deployment and per-instance interception.
  • Class load time or precompiled transformations.
  • Runs standalone or tightly integrated with application server.
  • Annotation Compiler. Use JDK 5.0 annotations with a JDK 1.4 compiler.
  • In-depth documentation. Reference Guide and a Why would I want to use AOP? User Guide.
  • Rich aspect library of useful aspects that you can use in development out-of-the-box.
    • Transaction demarcation
    • Role-based security
    • Transactional Locking
    • Asynchronous invocations
    • Remote invocations
    • Many, many more...


For more information, check out the JBoss AOP website

I'm proud to announce the EJB 3.0 Preview Release of the early draft of the EJB 3.0 specification. Special thanks goes out to the Hibernate team for putting out a great product in Hibernate 3.0. The EJB 3.0 is pluggable with JBoss 4.0.0 and higher and takes some advantage of our AOP framework and some of the aspects we've written for it. For more information see the main EJB 3.0 website. We have written a detailed tutorial with examples you can build and run.

Have Fun,

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