This is an example of what the Red Sox winning the world series means to its fans. This is a blast email from my cousin Angela to the 14 sons and daughters of my late grandfather, Harold "Pop" Burke, to his 40 some-odd grandchildren, and 20 something great-grandchildren. It brought tears to my eyes.

Greetings from Boston, former city of underdogs!


I just think it's so crazy that Pop was 86 when he died and it took 86 years 

for the Red Sox to win another world series . . . 

that my Dad, Tyler, and I went to a Sox game this year and 

that Tyler took dirt from the hallowed grounds of Fenway Park to sprinkle on Pop's grave . . .


I couldn't help but remember him sitting on the porch listening to Jerry Remy

announce a game, or rooting for the Sox in his old recliner, with the volume turned way, way up . . .


I couldn't help but smile when the town was going crazy last night.  I hope that

all the yells and cheers, however obscene and drunken, were making it up to his

deaf ol' ears!