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After 6 months of hard work the book "JBoss 5 performance tuning" is now published by Packt Publishing!

Containing over 100 benchmarks, this book is an in-depth analysis of all components which are around a Java Enterprise application, including the application server itself, the JVM, the database, the Operating System and finally the hardware.


The book discusses about many hot topics about performance which are usually misunderstood or simply based on false assumptions. "How to find a memory leak in a matter of minutes ?How do Stateful Session Bean compare with Stateless Session Beans in terms of performance ? What is the fastest way to log on your application ? How to reduce the cost of cluster replication ? When it's worth to use the second level cache and when not ? What is the most efficient way to connect Apache and JBoss ? What is the cost of adding Richfaces to your application ?"

These are some of the questions that will be answered in this book.


The exact book title is "JBoss 5 performance tuning", however the book includes all major upgrades from the platform 6 (like HornetQ and mod_cluster performance) which is going to be released when this book has been published.

You can read more about it in packt pub site or in my own JBoss site.

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