If you are looking for one more reason to love JBoss AS 7, I'll try to provide one ! I'm really excited to announce the new AS 7 book which is half way from being completed and is due to be out Dec 2011/Jan 2012.

It will cover all the administration aspects mentioned in the title  showing, at the same time, the evolution path from earlier releases. It includes numerous explanations, tips and practical examples that the reader can try on their own and learn while doing so.


Here's the Book outline (subjected to some minor changes!):


Chapter 1 - Understanding the new AS infrastructure. Basic server administration.

Chapter 2 - Configuring the core AS 7 services 

Chapter 3 - Configuring the Java EE subsystems.

Chapter 4 - Configuring an domain of AS servers, showing the differences, the pros and contros against a standalone installation.

Chapter 5 - How to deploy applications on the AS, using all the available tools/instruments.

Chapter 6 - How to manage the application server using the Admin Console and the new Command Line Interface.

Chapter 7 - How to configure and run a cluster of application server nodes. How to provide High Availability to your applications.

Chapter 8 - How to secure the application server and the applications running on it.

Chapter 9 - Using JBoss AS 7 in a cloud environment.

Chapter 10 - Rolling up the application server in production !


I'm really thankful to the awesome JBoss developers who provided an insight on more than one topic and contributed to the pursuit of the project!


More information will be available on PacktPub site or on my site, as the publishing date approaches.