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Why Apache Camel?

  • Apache Camel allows you to integrate your business components using Enterprise Integration patterns.

Use Case

  • You need to process purchase orders from your web site or from your business partners.
  • You like to acknowledge  the order first
  • You like to apply some business rules to the order
  • You like to send the purchase order to your accounting department and shipping departments.



Apache Camel Code


public class OrderProcessingRoute extends RouteBuilder {



public void configure() throws Exception {

JaxbDataFormat pubJaxb = new JaxbDataFormat();






      .beanRef("orderProcessingBean", "acknowledge").inOut();



      .unmarshal(pubJaxb).beanRef("orderProcessingBean", "execute")


      .parallelProcessing().to("jms:shipping", "jms:accounting");      


  • OrderProcessingRoute listens to messages in the JMS queue
  • OrderProcessingRoute validates the incoming message
  • OrderProcessingRoute acknowledge the request using Spring bean.
  • OrderProcessingRoute applies business rules using Spring bean.
  • OrderProcessingRoute send the message to accounting department and shipping departments.
  • Done

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