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RichFaces 4.5.10.Final is available for download.


The bulk of the updates in this release concerns the online Showcase. But we've also updated built-in filtering in dataTables - they can now be filtered by pressing Enter. We've also fixed JSF detection on WebSphere.


Release Notes


  • [RF-11053] -         Showcase: layout broken in data grid sample
  • [RF-11558] -         showcase - rich:notify - sample Attributes of Notify - in some configuration it is not possible to close notification
  • [RF-12174] -         Showcase: pages with textarea might overflow
  • [RF-12558] -         showcase - rich:panelMenu - repeatedly selecting of item from menu does not update outputPanel
  • [RF-12658] -         NotifyStack generates invalid JS
  • [RF-12923] -         rich:notifyMessage, notifyMessages: some attributes are not applied to created message component
  • [RF-14130] -         Exception when skin properties replaced
  • [RF-14143] -         Richfaces 4.5.8 Fileupload not working on WF 8.2 and Apache Cluster (with SSON)
  • [RF-14144] -         ScrollerPage calls getRowCount() on Tree model if one the same view.
  • [RF-14147] -         Resource-Optimizer skips ckeditor.js
  • [RF-14148] -         JSF implementation detection within ResourceTrackerImpl is insufficient for classpaths with multiple implementations


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14149] -         Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-11212] -         showcase - rich:popupPanel - Login panel positioning sample - should use <h:inputSecret> for password inputs
  • [RF-11636] -         showcase - a4j:region - alter the example layout to look better
  • [RF-13050] -         Showcase - not all demos have references for beans which are used in them
  • [RF-14156] -         contextMenu with dynamic group doesn't work properly


        Feature Request

  • [RF-11213] -         showcase - rich:calendar - Simple calendar sample -  should change text value of buttons 'today' and 'clean' when changing locale
  • [RF-11324] -         Link Showcase to Tag Reference and possibly component docs
  • [RF-14150] -         rich:dataTable - trigger built-in filtering on RETURN



  • [RF-14140] -         Stabilize integration tests on Tomcat
  • [RF-14145] -         Clean up showcase

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