A new veresion of Windup was released.

What's new? Windup is faster, rules are shorter, few bugfixes, a bit nicer API.

Download here.






   Bug  WINDUP-517

Application Index page lacks technology list and effort information

   Bug  WINDUP-518

XML Handlers do not support nested rules

   Bug  WINDUP-524

Fix the cyclic dependency between windup and windup-rulesets

   Bug  WINDUP-511

Quickstarts tests fail with a NPE

   Task  WINDUP-512

Rename Implicit to Dependent

   Enhancement  WINDUP-508

WindupRuleProvider should contain a location/origin field (to indicate where it was defined)

   Bug  WINDUP-510

Build fails with BOM missing

   Enhancement  WINDUP-470

Classes in java.lang package may differ in how they are parsed

   Enhancement  WINDUP-506

Identify Archives Ruleset: Improve memory footprint

   Enhancement  WINDUP-409

Allow rules metadata to be specified with annotations - @Rules( phase = ..., ...)

   Feature Request  WINDUP-402

Change ruleset category metadata to tag-like system (make it a set of strings)

   Feature Request  WINDUP-521

Rule Externalization - Create XML Handlers for Rule metadata

   Task  WINDUP-530

Rename the module "utils" to "windup-utils"

   Task  WINDUP-513

Phase pseudo-RuleProviders to have ~Phase suffix

   Bug  WINDUP-516

[Performance] Multiple valueStores even if the rule does not use parameters

   Feature Request  WINDUP-522

Rule Externalization - Create user-interface for selecting source/target platforms

   Enhancement  WINDUP-520

Rule Externalization - Introduce a Rule, RuleProvider and RulesetMetadata API

   Bug  WINDUP-542

Fix severe regression in AST performance

   Bug  WINDUP-544

StackOverflowException when generating Application report

   Feature Request  WINDUP-523

Rule Externalization - Allow filtering of RuleProviders by tags (categories)

   Enhancement  WINDUP-515

Add Severity to Hint

   Sub-task  WINDUP-464

WINDUP-463 Expand all addons with simple layout to use full api/impl/tests structure

   Sub-task  WINDUP-465

WINDUP-463 Review all rules, organize into an external repository, and add useful hint information with links to knowledge articles