Hear, hear, behold!


At the famous world-class Developer Conference Brno 2016, the biggest developer conference in the Brno region , I had the honor to present Windup. After fighting the Linux implementation of Adobe Reader which crashed on a .pdf with an animation, I stopped being sick (had a fever) and started being awesome and to my surprise, I presented what we were doing for the last year, at quite listenable level - if you excuse the long pauses when I was trying to find the mouse pointer at some of the 3 screens or vain attempts to connect to the wifi.


After making this, I had to stay in bed for few days. I hope watching it won't have that effect on you Enjoy!

Windup - automated migration platform - Ondrej Zizka - YouTube

Highly recommended:  SKIP TO 7:40 unless you're really really fan of desktop backgrounds