We're getting to a point when the two conditions are met:


1) The features wanted for 2.5 are implemented, and

2) The implementations did not break something else (despite how hard we tried ).


So it seems that the 2.5 release, which is, of course, the most informative, most effective, most organized, most colorful and otherwise awesome in every aspect (except the size ), is going to appear in the repository.jboss.org pretty soon.


I don't expect everyone to git clone our repo and build all the pieces, so here's what you want to see:

Windup 2.5.0 demo - Automated migration tool for Java EE - YouTube





A note to myself: Converting from OGV to MP4:

ffmpeg -i Windup-demo-2.5.0.ogv -acodec libmp3lame -vcodec libx264 -strict experimental -crf 18 Windup-demo-2.5.0x.mp4