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We announced JEMS as "The Open Source Platform for SOA" in October 2005 giving credit to the many customers who have been deploying SOA solutions on JEMS. There has been a lot of progress and many more customers using JEMS for SOA. We've updated our SOA white paper which you may find by clicking here to download the JEMS SOA Whitepaper.


Our community, customers and our teams are excited by the progress made in such endeavors as integrating JBoss Rules into JEMS, adding multi-process language support to JBoss jBPM, delivering the first release of JBoss Seam, a powerful, yet simple-to-develop-with enterprise and web application and SOA framework, and great progress towards delivering JBoss ESB. We've seen strong growth in the number of customers using JEMS for SOA. Some leading JEMS customer SOA deployments are highlighted in our SOA Innovation Award winners.


We also are focused on making practical, real life development of SOA simpler and more affordable with JEMS products and tools. Burr Sutter shows us how in a two part webinar. This is an excellent webinar series that shows how to use JEMS to develop SOA code with live demonstrations. Part 1 may be viewed here. Please sign up for Part 2 on our online education web page. Part 2 is schedule for August 16, 2006 at 1pm EDT.

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