SOA Software is partnering with Red Hat to provide comprehensive governance, security and management of Web Services deployed on JBoss Enterprise Middleware. Together, both companies offerings accelerates simple, open, and affordable SOA solutions for the enterprise.


JBoss Application Server hosts an increasing number of services – Java, EJB and web services endpoints – in enterprise SOA deployments. As these services are consumed by an increasing number of applications and business processes, the importance of structured governance becomes critical. SOA Software's SOA Infrastructure Suite, consisting of Service Manager and WorkBench, provides that functionality, including:

  • Authentication and authorization of web services consumers on JBoss Enterprise Middleware
  • Privacy and non-repudiation of Web Service transactions on JBoss Enterprise Middleware
  • Lifecycle management and workflow for Web Services on JBoss Enterprise Middleware
  • Provisioning and contract management for Web Services on JBoss Enterprise Middleware
  • Mediation and interoperability of heterogeneous platforms – between JBoss Enterprise Middleware and other platforms
  • Quality of service for Web Services on JBoss Enterprise Middleware
  • Routing, high-availability, and load-balancing for Web Services on JBoss Enterprise Middleware


Customers can use SOA Software Infrastructure Suite with JBoss Application Server today. Later in 2007, SOA Software will extend its support to JBoss ESB.


Open Source is moving deeper into SOA deployments. Enterprises want to expand the benefits of SOA to their entire value chain. This goal requires a combination of a mass adopted, simple, open and affordable SOA platform, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, with SOA Software's SOA Management and Security solution.


At Red Hat, we welcome SOA Software to our broad and growing ecosystem. We are excited to work with them to help our joint customers offer greater value to their customers and value chain.

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