Along with JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 4.3, Red Hat is helping enterprises understand where they are in their SOA strategy development with a new JBoss SOA Assessment Tool. The JBoss SOA Assessment Tool is designed to help companies assess their current SOA Optimization and determine their best path for SOA success. It will analyze them in any one or more of 6 capabilities:

  1. Business process understanding
  2. IT assessment
  3. SOA design
  4. SOA enablement
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Orchestration




The tool was developed jointly by Red Hat and the experts at Alinean, Inc. Their database of more than 20,000 organizations allows us to provide you with a complete, customized analysis of your SOA readiness. Your personalized report will explain how you compare to your peers, the risks of not addressing the identified SOA capabilities and recommended next steps including resources to help you along the way.


This is a great way to get a different view point, based on a lot of other companies' experiences, of where you stand on your SOA journey to business automation and agility.
Link to the JBoss SOA Assessment Tool
Link to the JBoss SOA Resource Center