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Today we announced JBoss Enterprise BRMS 5.1 which will be available in the Customer Support Portal early next week (Dec 13-15).  JBoss Enterprise BRMS provides an open source business rules management system that enables active decisions with easy business rules development, access, and change management. JBoss Enterprise BRMS includes a fast and highly efficient rule engine and easy to use rules development, management system and repository.  JBoss Enterprise BRMS allows businesses to make active business decisions and reduce time to update applications, SOA deployments and business processes with the latest business rules and policies. 

USE CASE: JBoss Enterprise BRMS Saves the Holiday Shopping Season! 

With JBoss Enterprise BRMS, we are helping enterprises with...

1. Ability to rapidly respond to change, opportunities and threats (in hours/days vs. weeks/months)
2. Ensuring that IT implements business rules correctly to comply with regulations and reduce error and cost
3. With the Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology preview, the ability to look for interesting and significant patterns of business events and take action in real time, aka “Active Decisions”

The press release may be found here...


The product web page...


See our three short videos... Intro to BRMS 5.1, Complext Event Processing (CEP) drives active decisions (tech preview), and BRMS and Cloud.


Thanks to all of the Community members and Red Hat teams who made this release happen!


Pierre Fricke

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