Today we announced JBoss Enterprise SOA and Data Services Platforms 5.1, which are available in the Customer Portal.


JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is the next-generation ESB and business process automation infrastructure that enables superior business execution, responsiveness, and flexibility in a cost-effective, open platform. JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform allows IT to leverage existing, modern, and future integration methodologies to dramatically improve business process execution speed and quality.

Building on the SOA Platform,JBoss Enterprise DataServices Platform (EDSP) is a powerful set of tools and runtime components that make it easy for your applications and business processes to use data from many datasources. EDSP includes tools for creating data views that are accessible through standard protocols, a repository for storingmetadata and a robust runtime environment that provides enterprise-class performance, data integrity, integration (ESB) and security.


USE CASE: JBoss Enterprise SOA and Data Services Platforms Offer Opportunities for the Smart Phone Business!


With JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, we are delivering...
1. The ability to integrate applications and services hosted on-premise or in the cloud to eliminate manual paint points (as seen in the USE CASE).
2. Reduced costs associated with errors and manual labor dealing with stove-pipe applications and services.
3.Improved business execution through integration and higher customer satisfaction.


JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform adds...

1. Integrated data services that deliver information to the applications, services and people that need it.

2. Higher return on data assets by increasing the relevance and use of these data.

3. Better control of information to improve operational productivity, data use auditability and compliance.


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Pierre Fricke

Director, SOA Product Line Management

Red Hat