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This was one of our super strong webinar series with record registration!! 


The DevOps approach is compelling. It promises organizations the agility to seize opportunities and rapidly deliver new products and features, while maintaining high levels of reliability, stability, and performance.


But can a DevOps approach really be applied to organizations invested in Java™ EE? Java EE applications are considered complex and potentially troublesome to install and maintain. At first glance, Java EE might seem completely at odds with the DevOps approach.


Watch the webinar series to learn how implementing the DevOps approach can bring your Java EE development and operations teams closer together. Topics in this four-part series are:

  • An introduction to DevOps and unique considerations for Java EE organizations.
  • DevOps for Java EE in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments.
  • DevOps for Java EE in traditional, non-PaaS environments.
  • In practice today and tomorrow—tools successful DevOps organizations are using.

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