I write this from the Swiss Air Lines business center in Geneva...awaiting my flight back to the US.


I've been in Neuchatel the past few days for the quarterly meeting of the JBoss TBOD (Technical Board of Directors). Sacha Labourey chairs the two days of meetings of the JBoss technical leaders. We covered a wide range of business and technical topics (OpenJDK, Java EE 6, etc., etc.) over the two days. It's a good way to ensure that we synchronize our thoughts once a quarter. And it offers a great chance to generally catch up with folks face to face...during the meetings...after the meetings over food and drink....etc.


Speaking of food and drink, the meeting nicely dovetailed with the annual Neuchatel Wine Festival. It's 3 days of food, drink, and general partying into the wee hours.


I took some time on Saturday to wander around the town and found myself at around 1:30 completely famished.


No worries there of course, since every kind of food and drink is right here for the asking. I kept it simple by ordering "la choucroute et une bier".


As I lifted the beer to my lips, I toasted another successful TBOD meeting...and then tucked into my dish.


Mmmmmm....sauer kraut with various sausages and a beer never tasted so good!


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