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    trunk testsuite status

    Scott Stark Master

      The status for the jboss-all-config-tests testsuite target which I have been focusing on is ~ 71% passing:

      Number of tests run: 2005
      Successful tests: 1420
      Errors: 495
      Failures: 90
      [time of test: 2007-03-21.16-25 GMT]
      [java.version: 1.5.0_10]
      [java.vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.]
      [java.vm.version: 1.5.0_10-b03]
      [java.vm.name: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM]
      [java.vm.info: mixed mode]
      [os.name: Windows XP]
      [os.arch: x86]
      [os.version: 5.1]

      The majority of the failures are in:

      jms/mdb - start looking at that today when the jbm update is available. ~40% of failures are here.
      jacc - looking at it today/tomorrow
      jmx(org.jboss.test.jbossmx.*) - have not classified this yet
      jca - 1/3 of the org.jboss.test.jca.test are failing due to missing super.setUp calls. I just fixed that and need to rerun these to validate status.
      org.jboss.test.deployers - broken due to out of date api usage. won't fix for beta2.
      iiop (org.jboss.*iiop.*) - method mapping/marshalling issues. There are a number of iiop tests passing so not likely to look further for beta2.
      web (org.jboss.test.web.*) - security and ejb ref/enc problems. Need to look at this today.

      An ejb3 run on trunk is also needed and I'll work on that once the jbm issues are in better shape. jbm and ejb3 are the biggest wildcards at this point.

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