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    JEMS Matrix in Development Dashboard.

    Damon Sicore Novice

      In the Development Dashboard we need a new portlet which is a "matrix" representation of a given project's current status.

      The first version of this matrix should consist of at least the following rows:

      1. Development Metrics such as: downloads, number of lines of code, commits per day/week, number of forum posts, etc.

      2. Current QA status: Test Code Coverage, Flag indicating QA actually exists

      3. JEMS Product Management Status: Whatever flags that Shaun Connolly says should be here... we need to coordinate with him.

      So... to lay this out:

      Add a portlet to the Development Dashboard....

      That portlet has a list of projects.... with their current "score"

      Choose a project by clicking on one on the list...

      This will give you their "JEMS Matrix" which is a list of scores for each row.

      We need to make the matrix configurable by row and column... so a "Development Row" should be configurable... as should any other "Row"...

      Let's start the discussion. :)

      Please see:


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