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    Tools & Documentation

    Thomas Heute Master

      While we will still work hard on improving JBoss Seam code base (better support of AJAX and portlets are on the list), i would like us to focus more on other areas like tools and documentation.

      Ideally we would have:
      - A Seam IDE (part of JBoss Eclipse IDE)
      We already have:
      + a GUI to design page flows thanks to Koen
      + a GUI to generate a whole webapp from a database or EJB3 annotated Pojos thanks to Max
      + a minimalistic barebone to create a new Seam project (including the libs, a build script...) that needs lot of work to be usable. I would like to have a wizard to include the test environment (embedded EJB3 + microcontainer + correct build)
      There is room for improvement on those 3 components.

      - Reference documentation. it is already covering most of the topics if not all
      - Some tutorials, there is one part of the reference documentation, but it could be enhanced
      - More videos, we have 2 so far and one is about to be released to show how to use the "Seam webapp generator tool".
      - Some "best practice" explanations, this is lacking so far
      - Books

      I would like to use this thread to collect your feelings of what is lacking so far in terms of tools and documentation (please note that it is not our intention to replace any EJB3, JSF or jBPM documentation)

      If any of you are interested in contributing on those, you are also welcome.
      Finally if you have experience or want to explain cool things you managed to do please let us know too.

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