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    Errors when installing Teiid 6.3 to JBDS 3.0.0.CR1

    Blaine Mincey Newbie

      I have been attempting to install the Teiid Designer in JBDS.  Unfortunately, I am getting a ton of errors.  I receive the same errors indicated on this thread http://community.jboss.org/thread/52651


      I tried to follow the suggestions made by Ramesh towards the bottom of the thread but it appears the distribution may have changed a bit since the post was made as I cannot find the reference made to


      <required namespace='org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu' name='org.eclipse.uml2.feature.group' range='[2.2.0,3.0.0)'/>


      nor could I find the following section in features.xml


       <import feature="org.eclipse.emf" version="2.5.0"/>
       <import feature="org.eclipse.gef" version="3.5.0"/>
       <import feature="org.eclipse.platform" version="3.5"/>
       <import feature="org.eclipse.uml2" version="3.0.0"/>
       <import feature="org.eclipse.xsd" version="2.5.0"/>


      I have attached the error messages displayed within my message log in JBDS in case anyone has any suggestions.


      For what it is worth, I am running Fedora 12 with the Sun JDK 1.6.0_18.  I am also using the "export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true" in the terminal I start JBDS with.  I also installed the additional libraries that Ramesh suggested.


      Any ideas and/or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!