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    how to create a ec2 image offline

    Deependra Shekhawat Newbie

      Hi all,


      This is my first post to the forums. I have a very simple question. I have installed boxgrinder 0.2.0 on fedora 12. I have also created a simple jeos.appl in appliances/ directory which looks like:


      name: jeos
        name: fedora
        version: 12
        memory: 512
          - root: "/"
            size: 1
          - openssh-server
          - kernel
          - openssh-clients
        - name: "jeos-i386"
          baseurl: ""


      Now when I run


      boxgrinder appliance:jeos:ec2:bundle


      It fails because my system is not connected to internet. The Repo url I have given does ends up in /home/boxgrinder/build/appliances/i386/fedora/12/jeos/raw/jeos.yum.conf but along with boxgrinder-fedora-12-base and boxgrinder-fedora-12-updates which points to mirror on internet. The local repo I have setup has the whoe dvd so why it needs to go to the internet?


      Can something be done at boxgrinder end so that these repos are not enabled? I tried putting enabled=0 in jeos.yum.conf but it didn't worked as everytime I ran boxgrinder appliance:jeos:ec2:bundle it recreates this file.


      Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards

      Deependra Singh Shekhawat