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    A potential GSoC gig for Arquillian

    Dan Allen Master

      I believe that Arquillian fits well with the needs of Cosmin Martinconi's Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project, mentored by Jakob Korherr.


      Automated webapp tests for MyFaces core and extensions (GSoC entry | official proposal)


      The project is calling for tests which can run against the real classes and provide complete integration testing, the very philosophy of the Arquillian project.


      We'd certainly welcome Cosmin and Jakob to the Arquillian project and look forward to working with them to enhance Arquillian where necessary to achieve their goal. Their project represents a very common need and could serve as a real world use case out in the open that developers can use as a model when setting up their own automated testing strategy.


      You can see from the initial proposal that the API they have drafted looks very similar to Arquillian and in some cases suggests open feature requests in Arquillian (such as @Dependency).


      Automated Webapp Tests API Proposal


      I would much rather put our heads together than duplicate each other's work. Given that there are no barriers to working together (given that Arquillian is Apache-licensed), I really hope that we can make this work.


      I anticipate that this project will also help move the Arquillian + JSFUnit integration along, which is an integral part of our humble testing initiative anyway.