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    openfaces components

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          blabno Master

          RF4 have Schedule component in sandbox (version for 3.3.3-Final is also available here:http://community.jboss.org/message/550532#550532), which is more powerful then DayTable.

          DrobDownField in RF is called SuggestionBox.

          HintLabel in RF is ToolTip.


          It would be great if TreeTable was included in RF4


          What's so special about SelectOneRadio?

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            nimo stephan Master
            {quote}What's so special about SelectOneRadio?{quote}


            Nothing, you know, we can do that with a simple <audio>-tag.


            I only wanted to provide this link and this message for inspiration.


            Well, TreeTable is really great and sensefull.


            It is reasonable that RF should not be polluted with redundant tags (for example, why should rf has a special tag for audio, if this can be reached with normal html-tags.) It only should have a special audio-tag, if RF enhances or simplifies the common audio-tag - this is the same for all other html-tags.


            Openfaces has these sensefull tags:

            - ChartTypes, DayTable, DropDown, InputTextarea, SelectBooleanCheckbox, SelectManyCheckbox, SelectOneRadio, TreeTable


            Or For example, look at Primefaces  which has these very needfull tags:

            - Captcha
              (which is based on reCAPTCHA API.)

            - breadcrumb

            - charts
              (which is unfortunatly flash-based instead of canvas-based. There are so much js-apis support for canvas-charts)

            -  dashboars
              (indeed, we can build our own dashboards with rf and simpleTogglePanel and three buttons which imitates such a dashboard - however, it is time consuming)

            -  graphicText

            - growl
              (rf-users can imitate a growl by rich:modalPanel)

            - maskedInput

            -Password Strength











            Indeed, as RF4 is shipped with jquery, we can find a equivalent jquery-js-api which basically provide the same or more feature such as these primefaces-tags. However, it is time consuming and the jsf-developer has to bother with versioning of a bunch of different js-apis.


            The two points are:

            - Primefaces provides these 18 tags (which are so common) but really sensefull. RF can simply outdo these tags!

            - What about the interoperabiltiy between different jsf-api in JSF 2 ? For example, it was a little tedious to get trinidad and rf working in jsf 1.1. I guess, using rf, primefaces and trinidad in the same project is not optimal.

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              blabno Master

              RF team says that RF values stability over rapid widget incorporation. I've created focus, schedule and notify (same as growl in PF) components using CDK, and they are available in RF4 sandbox. I'm also going to create dashboard. Main problem is lack of community feedback for those components. Please, test them and post your remarks in apropriate threads.

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                nimo stephan Master

                Hello Bernard,


                {quote}RF team says that RF values stability{quote}


                This is one of the main reason why I use rf.


                {quote}Please, test them and post your remarks in apropriate threads.{quote}


                Okay, I will do that!



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                  Ilya Shaikovsky Master

                  http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFaces40ReleasePlanning there you could check the info on planning.


                  http://community.jboss.org/wiki/NewComponentsFeaturesTopics - some details ( if component actually changes but not just migrated )


                  list of components available in readme-ui.txt in distribution


                  rf-showcase project contains all the demos for new components.


                  also we announcing all the new components in announces for every milestone at http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/Jay