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    hello all, and: is there a teiid roadmap?

    Marco Ardito Master



      i just registered on jboss community, so i wish to say hello to everyone

      searching for a way to integrate different data sources (up to now our only data integrator is, well... ms access ), i happily reached teiid, and now i am reading and learning everything i can, before i try to install my test (vm) machine.


      what i'm looking is a way to use a data integration solution (msaccess, sqlserver, mysql at least) with my php-driven web apps, so i was very happy to see the new 7.1 odbc access feature, which will simplify anything (before i was considering using this with teiid, btw) .


      I have so many questions about jboss AS and teiid, the designer, and so on, but first of all (just avoiding to ask obvious questions) i would like to see what teiid project expect to see in the near future (after 7.2)  or later, so i ask the first basic question: is there a roadmap page, or similar?


      Thanks, and thank you for such a great project.



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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          Welcome to JBoss community. You have found what we like to be final destination for your real time data virtualization needs. You questions and comments are always encouraged here.


          To start take look at quick start example to understand the basics, read the documents and blogs to get yourself familiar with the features of Teiid.


          Yes, we have a roadmap page here. However, most time it is not fully elaborated as to what features are coming next, may be few top ones. However, you can see Teiid JIRA system, where we catalog all the features that have been requested and thinking about by the versions. We also actively solicit feedback from community as to how they use Teiid, and how Teiid can make data integration easier for them.





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            Marco Ardito Master

            Thanks, Ramesh!


            i already found the roadmap, but as you said it is not really saying what's coming next... BUT on the other link i found something better, and basically what i was looking for: this. Many thanks... now i can really start posting newbie questions...