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    Formatted text in inputTextArea?

    Karl Krasnowsky Newbie

      Not exactly a richfaces specific question, but I would think there may be a solution to my problem that someone could recommend here.

      I'm wanting the ability to conditionally format a string of text entered into an inputTextArea control.

      It's obvious that in it's raw state, html imbedded in the string is getting escaped, so ths, e.g.,

      <warning>This is a warning message</warning>

      is generated into this for the output:

      &lt;warning&gt;This is a warning message&lt;/warning&gt;

      When ideally I'd like to provide a styile for the warning tag and have it applied to the text.
      I don't see an option to not escape html in the control. There must be a way to do this? Or an enhanced control to allow for this?

      thanks in advance for any help on this,