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    is boxgrinder the right tool for this job?

    August Simonelli Newbie

      Hi all,


      Aplogies for the less technical and more throrectical question .


      I want to convert our RHEL 5 SOE into AMI instances. It has to be built as we do it internally but our tools can't be reached via the net (of course).


      My thought was to build the appliance via boxgrinder and then push up to AWS.


      So far, i can build centos and fedora easily ... but i get this when trying to build rhel with this appl file:


      name: rhel5-basic

      summary: Just Enough Operating System


        name: rhel

        version: 5

        password: august




            size: 2


        - @core


      I get this error:


      [2011-09-05T05:58:26.665775 #17245] FATAL -- : RuntimeError: Packages curl, kernel, kernel, system-config-securitylevel-tui, util-linux, setarch, sudo for rhel5-basic appliance not found in repositories. Please check package names in appliance definition file.


      So, two questions:


      1. is this the way to go for aws builds of rhel conforming to soe

      2. what am i doing wrong here?