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    'elements' is null or not an object, javascript error

    Snow White CC Newbie


      I am getting a javascript error in IE when I am trying to use richfaces tag. My page is rendering fine but I am unable to submit the form because of the error. If I open the same application in firefox or chrome, it is working fine. I am not sure which richfaces tag is causing the error as my application has many of them. Below are the error and version details

      richfaces: 3.3.1 GA


      Message: 'elements' is null or not an object
       Line: 10
       Char: 45
       Code: 0
       URI: http://localhost:8080/CustomerPortal/a4j/g/3_3_1.GAorg/ajax4jsf/javascript/scripts/form.js

      I am stuck here and do not know how to proceed. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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