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    Administration UI redesign


      Hello community,


      If you've read some previous discussions, you've realized that we are working on a new Administration user interface. Based on the feedbacks, the idea evolved from a forum post to a brand-new design for the Admin UI.


      A brand-new UI

      This new proposal is based on the early HTML version with some changes in the interface and a most refined visual style. The result can be seen below:




      Interface changes

      Here are listed the changes in relation to the Early HTML version:

      - Removed the button "Edit page" (top bar) from the admin area: admins should not be able to modify these predefined pages

      - Moved the button "Add page" from the top bar to the sidebar, near "Pages and Navigation": this way it is presented in context and appears only when mouse is over the menu item

      - Put "Users and Groups" as the first menu item on "Server Administration": that's because this is the most common action

      - Replaced "More" by "Services"

      - Added some info help to some fields: where will I see the site name? What is the info bar?

      - Made the sidebar scrollable together with the page: to avoid problems in smaller screens

      - Removed the fixed property from the top (Title + action buttons): to avoid problems with the responsive design that comes with Bootstrap


      Visual design

      Regarding the visual aspect, it was designed to communicate some brand and user experience values that can be seen in the article "New GateIn User Interface".


      Next steps

      I would like to hear from you how can we improve this version so we can move forward to the other admin screens.