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    New Welcome Page


      GateIn 3 out of the box experience doesn’t show much and is not very appealing. In face of these problems, we've worked on a redesign for the first page displayed after the installation of GateIn, which we call "Welcome page". It will probably be deleted after some configuration, but it is very important as the first contact with the product and reflects directly in the user experience of it.


      Welcome Page requirements

      The page goals are:

      - to explain better GateIn

      - to introduce a sample website that shows what is possible to do with GateIn Portal

      - to show the main features (with rich content, like screencasts)

      - to call to contribution

      - to provide easy access to the communication channels (blog, forum etc.)


      Visual design

      The page was designed based on the new visual style for GateIn, which is explained on the article "New GateIn User Interface". It is a brand new design that seeks to replace the old interface with its 90's visual style by a more modern and pleasurable visual style. It is also consistent with the Administration UI redesign.


      The result can be seen in the image bellow:




      or directly on your browser: http://statichtml-theute.rhcloud.com/cardosogabriel/gatein-client/index.html


      What are your comments about it?