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    Questions about Bindings in JBoss 7.1 cluster using standalone-ha.xml

    Nicholas DiPiazza Novice

      I have some questions related to bindings in JBoss 7.1 clustering using standalone-ha.xml.


      Can I use the same muliticast address for all the sockets, jgroups-diagnostics, jgroups-mping, jgroups-udp, modcluster?


      Each different multi-cast service will require a unique multicast address and port pair. So yes you could have two services using the same multi-cast IP as long as each separate service is on its own port.


      You can see this in the standard standalone-ha.xml. For example:


      <socket-binding name="jgroups-mping" port="0" multicast-address="${jboss.default.multicast.address:}" multicast-port="45700"/>




      <socket-binding name="jgroups-udp" port="55200" multicast-address="${jboss.default.multicast.address:}" multicast-port="45688"/>


      There used to be partition name in 6.1 and earlier. Is it still the case?


      "jboss.partition.name" isn't used in AS7.  Cluster isolation should be done via unique multicast address/port instead.So no, there is not.


      Reference: https://community.jboss.org/thread/177877


      Do the servers in the same cluster need to have the same multicast-address and muliticast-port configured for modcluster?


      Yes. The ones in the same server group will utilize the same addresses and ports.


      If you are running server nodes from different cluster groups, what are the recommended ways to keep the nodes from conflicting... especially with respect to multicast?


      Each jboss node is configured with its own set of ports. This includes multi-cast addresses and ports that it uses to cluster. Using unique multi-cast address and port combinations for the servers will keep the node unique.


      Also make sure that shared file system, programs, and services utilized from the server will not conflict.