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    Testing of staged 0.5.0.Final bits

    Keith Babo Master

      OK, 0.5.0.Final bits are ready to roll.  It would be good if we could kick the tires just to make sure no last-second issues crept in.  Here are the download links:





      I could use help testing the following:


      • Download the AS7 zip and make sure it starts OK.  Deploy a quickstart or three and verify they start/work.  Please post which quickstarts you have tested so we don't repeat effort.
      • Download the installer zip and install the Forge tooling.  Test forge by creating a new project, installing a switchyard facet, etc.
      • Try installing SY into an existing AS 7.1.1 install using the install script.


      I will post a link to the updated Eclipse plugins once Rob commits the version bump and I can spin a build.

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