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    zing jvm

    Nelson Yap Newbie



      Can teiid run on different JVM instead of hotspot? We are looking into azul zing JVM and was wondering anybody has try it out with teiid.



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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          We regularly also run openjdk, I have not tried zing. Would be interesting to know the results. Please note that the whole JBoss AS needs to run on this vm.



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            Matt Schuetze Newbie

            I guess 5 years is a long time to wait for an answer, but here goes: Azul does the self-evaluation tests of the JBoss EAP system on the Zing JVM about once or twice per year, just to ensure no regressions or incompatibilities. I don't believe we have enabled Teiid specifically in our tests, though would be highly interested if anyone had issues with it. If so, please let Azul know via partners@azul.com.


            Also we don't track every forum, but if you want to ask questions about Zing, you can drop them into the Zing community forum any time. Thanks. Matt Schuetze, Azul Product Manager.