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    Giving the Android extension a name that sticks

    Dan Allen Master

      As I was watching the Arquillian talk from JavaZone, one thing I picked up is the stark contrast between the extensions with custom names and those that just put Arquillian in front of generic name. I noticed this especially w/ the Android extension. Consider this list:


      Arquillian Drone



                     Ape (persistence extension)



      Arquillian Android just doesn't seem to fit. I think this is one area where Seam 3 really lost steam. Many of the modules were just concepts, like Seam Transactions, Seam Persistence, Seam REST, etc. However, the name Seam Catch was so...catchy, that it really stuck out...and rolled off the tongue.


      Thus, I'd like to propose selecting a new name for Arquillian Android. The package names don't really concern me. We can start with the formal module name, then weave it down to the code as necessary.


      Here are some candidate names I strung together:


      Arquillian Cyborg (combination of organic and mechanical parts)


                     Andie (the Android mascot is sometimes referred to as Andy)


                     Hadaly (from novel that popularized the word "android")



                     Ash (from Aliens)


                     Eve (from WALL-E)

                     Droidium (play on Android, Robotium and Delirium)


      Though it's listed last, I really think "Droidium" is a winner. It probably best describes what the extension is doing atm, which is tapping into the *iums (Selenium and Robotium).

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