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Trouble compiling class with generics in 2.3.0.CR1

Michael Hirsch Newbie

I have a class that compiles fine with Errai 2.1.0, but will not build with 2.3.0.CR1.  When I build it with 2.3.0 I get these errors:


         [ERROR] Errors in 'generated://203AF005B6B57DF1BE3A46C024E2E66D/org/jboss/errai/ioc/client/BootstrapperImpl.java'

            [WARN] Line 4452: Referencing deprecated method 'com.google.gwt.user.client.ui.Composite.setWidget'

            [ERROR] Line 851: T cannot be resolved to a type

            See snapshot: /tmp/org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.BootstrapperImpl2084728906436240268.java


Lines 849-856 are:

  private final CreationalCallback<HistoryStack> inj2285_HistoryStack_creational = new CreationalCallback<HistoryStack>() {

    public HistoryStack getInstance(final CreationalContext context) {

      final ArrayList<T> var40 = inj2286_ArrayList_creational.getInstance(context);

      final HistoryStack inj351_HistoryStack = new HistoryStack(var40);

      context.addBean(context.getBeanReference(HistoryStack.class, QualifierUtil.DEFAULT_QUALIFIERS), inj351_HistoryStack);

      return inj351_HistoryStack;




This seems to be generated from this java code:


public class HistoryStack<T> {

          ArrayList<T> historyList;

          int historyIndex = -1;




          public HistoryStack(ArrayList<T> historyList) {

                    this.historyList = historyList;



  /// API removed



This class works well in 2.1.0, so something appears to have happened since then in Errai.



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