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    Accessing Extension properties in the Translator.

    Amit Jahagirdar Newbie


      I am trying to access in a translator which acts like a delegate translator using the delegate feature in vdb.(by extending the BaseDelegatingExecutionFactory)

      In short i am intercepting the call before going to the original translator.


      I have  set the extension properties(say "isCurrency =true/false"on  columns of view model )

      Now I have overidden the createResultSetExecution method and trying to access those properties as properties of columns within the method with following code snippet.


      final Table table = ((NamedTable)TableReference).getMetadataobject

      List<Column> columns = table.getColumns();

      for each(column:columns){




      But I get an empty properties object.

      Is there a way to access the extended props set on the model, at the translator level?





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