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    When query a virtual table, it gives an error "Group does not exist"

    Neeta L Newbie

      I have done the following steps


      1) Created a souce model by importing data from the SQL Server

      2) Created a VDB

      3) Deployed VDB

      4) Created a new view model

      5) Create a virtual table on top of this view model (which joins data from 2 tables)


      Now when I preview data on this virtual table, it gives the correct results.


      But when I Execute VDB and query from 'SQL Scrapbook' or use JavaClient, it gives following message


      "TEIID30020 Processing exception 'Group does not exist: SQlServerViewModel2.SampleTable2' for request uwVlHsnt3e+U.0.  Exception type org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryResolverException"


      I tried to query in different way like


      SELECT * FROM "<ViewModel>"."<Virtual Table name>"




      SELECT * FROM "<Virtual Table Name>"


      It would be great if someone can help to resolve this issue.


      Thanks in advance,