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    8.4 on EAP 6.1 Alpha: web console has no more status > virtual databases?

    Marco Ardito Master

      Hi all,


      I have two different (working) teiid installs:


      - 8.2 on as 7.1.1

      - 8.4 on eap 6.1 alpha (with the reasteasy patch)


      I installed (deployed through the web console) on both same

      - drivers,

      - ds and

      - vdbs


      and through squirelSQL I can use mysql, mssql and mixed vdbs, on both teiid versions. great! But:


      Through the web console, on the as 7.1.1 there was a "status > virtual databases", while on 8.4/eap6.1a i can't find it.


      the 8.4/eap6.1a loads (now) perfectly, and there is no stack traced error anymore...


      Is something missing in my install? Or there is something new to see and manage those info? Or am I blind? :-D






      Thanks, Marco