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    [solved] SingleInstanceCommunicationException without a server log

    Marco Ardito Master

      I'm testing further, which teiid web console can I use with this beta, the 8.4 version will do?


      I have some issues with squirrelsql now (i updated the jdbc driver to 8.5beta) on that mixed vdb:

      "select * from ApiMn.dbo.MA_ChartOfAccounts" works until I limit results to 255. Asking 256 or more rows, gives an error:


      Error: org.teiid.net.socket.SingleInstanceCommunicationException

      SQLState:  08S01

      ErrorCode: 0


      no trace in the teiid server.log, though.


      and I have to close/reopen the connections, same behaviour.


      in msaccess the same query works (without retuned record limits), table has 100k+ rows


      If is not related, I will open new thread for this...